Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Episcopal Church's New Blog

Offering an online overview of news and views "left, right and center," the Episcopal Church's Office of Communication has launched anew web log, or blog -- available at

Called "epiScope: looking over the Episcopal Church," the blog seeks "to add perspective and context to some stories, and to correct the record in other instances," said the Episcopal Church's communication director,Canon Robert Williams.

"epiScope is an essential component of the Episcopal Church's overall communication strategy at the present time when reporters increasingly consult the 'blogosphere' for story leads and interpretation," Williams added. He said the blog is part of the new "Episcopal Church Online" initiativethat is working "to support Episcopalians' increasing participation in building community through the latest net-based strategies."

The Rev. Jan Nunley, the Episcopal Church's deputy for communication, is moderator of the epiScope blog, and "has worked with great skill and insight in designing and launching this new service," Williams said.

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Thanks to the Episcopal News Service

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Bishop Mac Pherson to Go to Tanzania

Bishop MacPherson has been asked by the Archbishop of Canterbury to come to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. At that time, he and two other Bishops from the Episcopal Church have been asked to make presentations to the meeting of the Primates. One is Bishop Robert Duncan of Pittsburg, the convener of the Anglican Communion Network. The other is the Presiding Bishop's ecumenical officer, Bishop Chris Epting.

This is a critical meeting in terms of the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion. Among the work of the Primates will be the matter of the actions of our General Conventions of 2003 and 2006, and this including the GC 2006 response to the Windsor Report.

The Bishop has written to request that we begin to pray for this meeting. The Bishop asked that this prayer be not only offered in the worship services across the diocese in the days ahead, but throughout the meeting of the Primates (February 12-19). Finally, he asked that all priests encourage those under their pastoral care to hold this in their personal prayers each day.

The three Episcopal bishops are scheduled to make their presentations and speak with the Primates on February 14. Our Bishop asks your prayers especially for him as he speaks not only on behalf of the Diocese of Western Louisiana, but the relationship of the Episcopal Church within the wider Anglican Communion.

Prayer for Primates' meeting:

"O God, in wisdom and compassion you discern our innermost thoughts and holiest desires. You call us to faithfully proclaim the Gospel out of this intimate knowledge, and are not swayed by first impressions. We confess that we do not often view others as you view us. We do not see depth, sincerity, and potential, but form snap judgments and refuse to change them. In this hour enable us to open our hearts to you as we lift the meeting of the Primates' to you in prayer. Be with them as they seek counsel for the renewal and mission of your Church; inspire their prayer and enable them to know that time spent in prayer is not duty, but daily bread, and that the fruits of that time of quiet be filled with grace, blessing, and reconciliation. Through the power of your Holy Spirit, as you lead them in their time together, lead us, and in all things keep us mindful of the gift that is ours in Christ Jesus, our Lord. Amen." [drawn from BCP 1979 and All the Seasons of Mercy 1987]